10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks!

Oh yes, it’s Spring already, which means it’s time to spring clean your  home. So, today I’m going to reveal some amazing spring cleaning hacks  to get you started!

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Use an old toothbrush to clean hard to reach areas around windows. Just  make sure you don’t put the toothbrush back in the bathroom afterwards.

#1. Clean Window Frames with a Toothbrush

Washing your windows on a cloudy day will mean that they dry out slower, leaving fewer streaks behind.

#2. Wash Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

Boil a few bags of tea (black or green) then use the used tea bags to  clean your hardwood floors. Just be sure to test a small corner first  before you do your entire floor in case the wood reacts poorly.

#3. Use Tea Bags to Clean Hardwood Floors

When you’ve given the air vents in your house a good clean apply car wax  to them to keep them clean for longer. The wax is difficult for things  to stick to.

#4. Wax Your Vents with Car Wax

Lint rollers aren’t just for getting cat hair off your clothes, you can  also use them to pick up dust, cat hair, and anything else that gets  stuck to lampshades..

#5. Lint Roller Lampshades

If you have a tough stain that won’t come up you can try ironing it off. Use low heat on the area after it is slightly damped.

#6. Remove Carpet Stains with an Iron

Wrap microfiber towels around tongs and grab blinds one at a time to remove the dust.

#7. Use Microfiber Towels and Tongs to Clean Blinds

Add vinegar to an empty wash to clean your dishwasher.

#8. Deep Clean Your Dishwasher with Vinegar

Regular old flour you have in your pantry is great for polishing a  stainless steel sink. Rub it on in a thin layer and wash it off for a  fantastic shine.

#9. Polish a Stainless-Steel Sink with Flour

After you’ve cleaned off your stovetop use a little bit of car wax to  make it more difficult for things to stick to it later, leaving it  looking clean for longer.

#10. Wax Your Stovetop with Car Wax

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