How to Declutter Your Bedroom in 7 Steps

Your bedroom is one place in your home where you can truly kick back and relax. However, when your bedroom gets cluttered, then your bedroom can become far less comfortable and appealing. If you are finding your bedroom to be so cluttered that it is no longer comfortable then it may be time to get busy and declutter your  bedroom.

Start with the obvious larger pieces that are scattered about.  This  usually means clothing, robes and the such. Start by picking up all the clean clothes and either hang them up in  your closet or put them away on shelves or in your dresser drawers. Take all of the dirty clothing and put them into the laundry basket to be washed.

Start With the Obvious

You should never ever keep bills or letters in your bedroom.  These types of papers tend to build up and can end up covering your stands, dressers, and other available services.

Get Rid of the Paper Clutter

You can only read one book or magazine at a time. So choose the book or magazine you are currently reading and put the other books into a  bookcase and the magazines you plan to read later in a rack.

Remove that Pile of Books & Magazines

Pick up that pair of earrings from your night stand, that necklace from  your vanity and those bracelets from the top of your dresser and put them into your jewelry box or any other place where you keep your  jewelry.

Put All Your Jewelry Away

Pick up all of that make-up that is covering your vanity and put it  neatly away in the drawers or any other place you have designated for your make-up.

Put All of Your Make-Up Away

Now go around your room and clean off all of your stands of any additional clutter that has accumulated.

Clean off Your Stands

If you haven’t already decluttered your closet and dresser then now is  the time to do so.

Declutter Your Closet and Dresser as Needed

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