How to Clean Your House for Christmas - 5 Simple Tips

1. Prep Your Bathroom and Kitchen First Thing

When cleaning the entire house for Christmas, start by spraying down  kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, stovetop, microwave, toilets and  countertops with a disinfectant cleaner at the start of your cleaning  efforts.

2. Clean Your House as a Whole Rather than one Room at a Time

It is tempting for most of us to clean one room at a time so we can put a check in the spaces in our mental checklist. However, you will clean faster by tackling a single chore throughout the entire house.

3. Clean from the Top Down

Once you have decluttered the house, you should start cleaning your house from the top down. Clean your fan blades first, then tackle the cobwebs in the corners, dust the furniture and then tackle the floors.

4. Multitask Whenever Possible 

There are a few instances when you can multitask to speed up the cleaning process. For example, I get out all those serving dishes I will need but  haven’t used since last Christmas and run them through the dishwasher  while baking cookies or preparing dishes.

5. Involve the Entire Family in Your Christmas Cleaning 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all the Christmas cleaning  yourself. Christmas is an exciting time for the entire family, so get  them involved in the Christmas clean up.

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