9 Best Curtain Colors for a Living Room

As our homes get smaller, rooms are becoming multipurpose, with few of us having the luxury of a formal living room and a family room.

The living room needs to meet your family’s needs for comfort, express your personality and be dressy enough for guests.

So how do you choose decor for such a multifunctional room, let alone a curtain color? Let’s look at how you can use your curtain choices work in the living room.


While cool, soft gray has its place in the neutral palette, the trend is towards richer greige, stone-inspired slate, and matt charcoal that looks almost black.


Consider decorating your living room in shades of brown, ranging from a soft tan to spicy cinnamon, zesty rust, and dark chocolate that exudes warmth and comfort.


With its lush, yellow undertone, cream is an excellent choice for living room curtains. It’s warmer than white and works well with textured, embossed, or sheer fabrics.


White living room curtains are a timeless, effortless classic. They are the easiest way to conjure up an airy, spacious feel to a room.


A recent study found that green is the ideal color to paint a living room: being surrounded by green makes us feel more calm, grounded, and connected to nature.

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