30 Best Neutral Paint Colors 2023

No matter how gorgeous your home is, there is always one room that doesn’t catch the sun.

Perhaps it’s a powder room under the stairs, a murky basement, or a spare bedroom facing north. Choosing the right paint color can transform a dark space.

Here are the best neutral paint colors that help to create the impression of light and warmth in even the dullest room.


Ivory is the perfect shade if you love the clean look of white but are faced with a dark, cold room. It’s versatile enough to tone with other warm neutrals in an earthy palette.


Choose cream if you want to layer neutrals, adding shades of taupe and brown. It shines with natural finishes like wood, stone, leather, and wicker.


A pale brown tan combines the freshness of white with the warmth of yellow. Shades of tan range from creamy latte to warm toast: choose the lighter browns to brighten a room.


Taupe is the perfect color if you loved 90s beige but want a contemporary look. Pair taupe with brown if you want a cozy, traditional feel or with pink for a romantic vibe.


The merging of gray and beige creates a lush, rich color that brightens a room and adds interest.

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