13 Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

Our bathrooms are more than a functional space. It’s a wellness space that needs to be personal and beautiful.

An accent wall can anchor and elevate a bathroom interior. Traditionally accent walls have used vivid colors or patterns for impact.

Discover awesome bathroom accent wall ideas to help you spruce up your bathroom decor.


Ombre is a valuable technique for combining colors cohesively and picking out elements from your bathroom fixtures and accessories.


Choose a gray accent wall for your bathroom if you want to be on-trend: it is the most chosen color for bathroom renovations.


Blue never goes out of style for bathrooms, with its water and sky associations. Your choice of blue will depend on the effect you want your accent wall to achieve.


The move towards sustainability is a trend I like to incorporate in bathrooms, in both water-friendly fixtures and interior design. Green reflects this trend.


A black accent wall in a bathroom adds drama and sophistication if you’re not ready to commit to black vanities or plumbing fixtures.

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