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9 Amazing Uses for Pledge

What is Pledge Used for? 9 Surprising Pledge Uses Around the Home

So, what is Pledge used for? Here are the various uses for Pledge you can take advantage of around your home.

When you think of cleaning essentials in your house odds are you have a bottle of Pledge on hand.

Pledge is a very useful item to have in your cleaning cabinet, allowing you to clean nearly any room of your home, your car, and even your shoes. There are many great uses for Pledge.

Two cans of pledge with text that says, "Various uses for pledge".

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What is Pledge Made of?

Pledge is a cleaning spray and furniture polish that contains Polydimethylsiloxane, a silicone film that leaves behind a film that helps to prevent the settling of dust, make cleaning spaces easier and even lubricate different areas around your home.

This silicone film is not the best thing for your wood furniture as it can leave the finish cloudy but it has many other great uses around the home.

Is Pledge Good for Your Furniture?

This comes as a surprise to many people but the answer to this question is simply put. No.

Pledge while advertised as a furniture polish and good for the occasional use will build up a layer of silicone polymers on your furniture. This layer will leave your furniture looking dirty after a while, forcing you to strip it away to make your furniture look great again.

Despite being a furniture polish you should stick to using it in moderation. When using Pledge on wood furniture apply it to the rag and buff furniture.

What Can I Use in Place of Pledge?

The best polish option for your unfinished wood surfaces is actually mineral oil. This is because mineral oil will soak into the wood and leave behind a bright beautiful shine without risking the oil going rancid.

This will nourish your wood while providing some protection for water. You can add a few drops of essential oil to your mineral oil to add a fresh fragrance.

For finished wood surfaces, you want a lighter oil option. You can make your own version of Pledge by mixing a few drops of essential oils into 1/4 cup olive or mineral oil in a spray bottle.

Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake VERY well with each use to remix the combination.

Unlike using straight oil on a surface that will not soak it up, this will allow you to spread the oil lightly to buff and shine your finished wood.

9 Amazing Uses for Pledge Furniture Polish in the Home

Pledge is a great addition to your cleaning cabinet even if it may not be your best choice for everyday wood surface cleaning. The good news is that it does have a lot of great uses around the house.

#1. Repel Spiders

If you have a spider problem and spiders are entering your home you can deal with them very easily by simply spraying the frames around your doors and window frames with lemon Pledge.

Spiders do not like lemon and taste with their feet, so they will be repelled when they taste the Pledge as they try to enter your home. Repeat this at least once a week to maintain its effectiveness.

#2. Polish your Shoes

Pledge makes a great shoe polish. The silicone polymers will coat your shoes helping to keep them looking great and even add a bit of protection from water and scuffs to keep your shoes looking great.

After cleaning your shoes, spray your shoes lightly and buff them until they shine. Repeat after they begin to dull or after wearing them out in the rain.

#3. Clean the Interior of Your Car

Pledge is safe to use on leather, vinyl, and other non-porous surfaces in your car. This makes for a great and easy way to clean your car and leave it looking better than ever.

Avoid spraying onto your microfiber seats and carpets to prevent staining them.

#4. Prevent Water Spots

From your shower doors to your kitchen sinks you can help to save time when cleaning and keep your home looking great between cleanings so you have more time for the things that matter. For a streak-free shine buff with a microfiber rag.

#5. Make Cleaning Grease Easier

When cleaning the backsplash behind your stove, wipe it down with Pledge. This will make it look great while adding a light coating that will make removing dried on grease splatters easier later.

Simply buff Pledge into the backsplash and enjoy having grease and mess wipe right off. Repeat this every time you clean your backsplash because cleaning it will remove the Pledge.

#6. Clean Your Leather

The oil and silicone polymers in Pledge make it a great cleaning option for your leather.

From jackets to couches, simply spray it down and wipe it off with a clean cloth to both clean and protect your leather surfaces.

Just like with your shoes, it will revive the leather and leave it looking great for quite a while. Leather should be cleaned and conditioned at least every 6 months.

#7. Stop Squeaky Doors and Windows

From lubricating the hinges on your doors to the slides on your window frames, you can use Pledge in the same ways you do WD40 around your house for lubricating things that are making an odd noise.

Simply spray. then repeatedly perform the opening and closing action to help spread the Pledge.

#8. Polishing Metal

Chrome and metal surfaces around your home can benefit from using Pledge to buff and shine them.

For the best results, use a microfiber cloth to buff your chrome, stainless steel, and other metals that need polished.

Along with polishing, Pledge will make cleaning your shiny metal surfaces easier and keep water spots at bay.

Using Pledge for your stainless steel is a great way to shine it while helping to repel fingerprints, keeping your home looking great longer.

Use Pledge for cleaning the stainless steel in your kitchen to make maintaining it easier.

#9. Reviving Unfinished Wood Floors

Do you have unfinished wood floors? You can use Pledge to clean and help revive your old unfinished wood floors. The pledge will seep into your floors to help hydrate them while the silicone film will help to protect your floors from water, scratches, and other damage.

Did you find any of the aforementioned uses for Pledge furniture polish helpful? Leave your comment behind.

2 Bottles of Pledge with text that says, "9 Surprising Pledge uses around the home".

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