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5+ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Hacks and Uses

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning – 5+ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Hacks!

Learn how to use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning with these awesome hydrogen peroxide hacks.

Most people know that hydrogen peroxide is a great wound cleaner, helping to kill bacteria and prevent infection.

However, what you may not know is that hydrogen peroxide can also clean a number of things around the home. Not only is using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning inexpensive, but it is also an effective cleaner.

Here is a look at 5 ways that hydrogen peroxide can help you with cleaning and leave your house free of bacteria.

Hydrogen peroxide cleaning hacks and uses

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5 Hydrogen Peroxide Uses for Cleaning

#1. Grout Cleaner

When you mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda you have one of the most effective non-toxic grout cleaner that can be found anywhere. (See article on How to Clean Grout)

Make sure not to make too large a batch of your grout cleaner at one time, because the foaming action of the peroxide really helps to remove dirt, grime and soap scum from your grout.

(You may also want to read this article on cleaning with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide).

#2. Bleach Alternative

If you want your whites whiter without having to use that toxic chlorine bleach, then you can substitute peroxide for bleach when doing a load of white clothing. Use about a cup of peroxide for every load of white’s you are doing.

#3. Remove Blood Stain from Clothing

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen and sometimes you get blood on your clothing or bedding.
Soaking bloody clothing in cold water can fade the blood stain, but won’t get rid of it completely.

Pouring hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain and then scrubbing the spot with a stiff brush before rinsing normally removes all or most of the blood.

#4. Sanitizer

Hydrogen peroxide also makes an excellent sanitizer. Simply mix 50% peroxide and 50% water in a dark spray bottle and use it to kill bacteria on your cutting board, kitchen cabinets and in your bathroom.

Make sure that after sanitizing, you rinse everything well to prevent bacteria from growing and keeping everything clean and fresh.

#5. Plastic Ware Stain Remover

While those plastic storage containers may be handy, they also stain quite easily. Berries, spaghetti sauce and other foods can leave your plastic storage dishes looking terrible, making you reluctant to store any other food in them.

Simply soak or wash the stained or yellowed plastic ware with normal 3% peroxide to remove those unsightly stains, leaving your plastic ware looking almost new again.

Other Cleaning Uses of Peroxide

Peroxide also makes a great teeth whitener and kills bacteria in your mouth. Simply add a drop or two of peroxide to the toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Try not to swallow before rinsing and spitting out your toothpaste.

Peroxide also can help to remove ear wax from your ears. Simply mix peroxide with warm water in equal parts and use an eye dropper to place a drop or two in your ear. The foaming action of the peroxide will loosen the ear wax and make it easier to get out.

Keeping a bottle or two of peroxide around the home can come in handy when you want a non-toxic cleaning agent.

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Using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning

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