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How to Deodorize a Trash Can

How to Deodorize a Trash Can – Getting Rid of Garbage Smell

Learn how to deodorize a trash can to get rid of garbage smell and keep your kitchen and the entire house smelling better.

No one wants to deal with a stinky trash can.

Knowing how to get the smell out of your garbage can is a great way to make the most of your cleaning days and prevent having to deal with unpleasant odors when you change your trash bag.

Moreover, a stinky trash can is one of the main culprits behind unpleasant kitchen odors.

How to deodorize a trash can

One of the best moves you can make is to change your trash bag often, keeping the smallest size can that works for your family so you can do so every few days.

However, there are other things you can do to deodorize your trash can after smells have already set in and prevent issues in the future.

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What Causes a Smelly Garbage Can?

Smelly garbage can

To get rid of the odors in your garbage can you need to know what is causing the unpleasant smells.

Your trash can picks up odors from rotting organic matter, mold, bacteria, and from general odors of the foods you throw away. The longer your trash sits the stronger these odors will get.

The summer heat can lead to odors getting out of control even faster. To help keep your garbage can smelling good you need to eliminate the source of the odors by changing your trash often.

How to Deodorize a Garbage Can

To deodorize your trash can, take out the trash and give your garbage can a good cleaning.

This should be done regularly as liquid tends to escape trash bags leading to a pool of breeding bacteria at the bottom of your trash bin.

Use a germ-killing cleaner like Lysol or bleach allowing it to soak at the bottom of the can to help kill off bacteria that has embedded odors into the plastic of your trash can.

After soaking your garbage can, rinse it out with a hose or your handheld showerhead to ensure that all debris and bacteria have been washed away.

Place the can upside down for a few minutes to allow it to fully drain.

If anything is stuck to the bottom or sides of your trash can, you can use an old broom to scrub your trash can easily without having to reach in.

This can save your back while helping keep you from dealing with the germs and odors inside your garbage can.

After cleaning your garbage can you need to allow it to fully dry out inside before you add another bag.

If you put a bag inside your trash bin while it is wet the water will breed mold, mildew, and bacteria leaving your trash can smelling even worse.

After drying out your garbage can you can add in a deodorizer to help keep it smelling fresh longer.

There are many great options for deodorizers for your garbage can to help keep odors at bay longer.

Garbage Can Deodorizers for Odor Control

Get rid of garbage smell with deodorizers

Trash Can Deodorizer Stick On

These stick on deodorizers are great if you can get them to stick. Manufacturers often recommend placing them inside the lid, where they quickly fall off.

You can get some use of these by placing them inside the trash can to help reduce odors in the main part of the can without worrying about losing the disk in the trash when the lid closes.

Scented Trash Bags

Using scented trash bags is a great way to help keep your trash smelling better a bit longer.

These trash bags are covered in a fragrance that soaks into the plastic of the bag and helps to fight the odors of your trash that soak into the bags as well.

Baking Soda

Placing a refrigerator pack of baking soda in your trash can is a great way to help deodorize your trash can and keep odors at bay.

If you have an old box of baking soda you can pour it into the trash bag or even on top of the trash to help control the odor. (You can use baking soda for deodorizing your microwave).

Avoid pouring baking soda in the bottom of your trash can as this can become a sticky gooey mess when fluids leak from garbage bags making cleaning harder.

Coffee Grounds

Have guests coming and no time to take the trash out? Grab the coffee grounds from your coffee pot and toss the wet grounds right on top of the trash.

This natural trash can deodorizer will quickly neutralize the odors from your trash making your whole kitchen smell better without having to use a noticeable air freshener.

Fabric Softener Sheet

Adding a fabric softener sheet or two under your trash bags can help keep odors at bay when you remove your trash bags.

Essential Oils

Using a highly fragranced and germ-killing essential oil like lavender or peppermint is a great way to deodorize your trash can.

Add a few drops to paper towels and place them at the bottom of your garbage bin. This will also help soak up leaks making it easier to get rid of the fluids and prevent odors.

Final Thoughts on How to Deodorize a Trash Can

Odors from your garbage bin make your kitchen and entire house smell bad. You can keep foul smells at bay and make your home smell better by deodorizing your trash can. Take the trash out more often, keep the trash can clean by washing it on a regular basis and use a good garbage can deodorizer.

Now that you know how to deodorize a trash can, it’s time to take action to get rid of the foul odors.

How to deodorize a garbage can

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