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How to Create a Hygge Bedroom (8 Decorating Ideas)

If there’s one room that should embrace the cozy hygge approach, it’s your. So let’s look at how to create a hygge bedroom. Inspired by the Danish philosophy of contentment and comfort in your home, hygge decor creates a warm, peaceful atmosphere.

You can create a hygge bedroom with personal, heirloom decor. Use dim lighting with bedside lamps and hanging thick drapes to reduce sound and light. Dress the bed and floor with luxuriously textured rugs and pillows, keeping the colors muted. Anchor the room with a dramatic four-poster or wooden bed.

Scandi inspired bedroom and text overlay that reads, "How to create a hygge bedroom".

I think of my bedroom as more than just a place for sleeping. It’s my personal refuge, where I relax and be restored. Whether you’re renovating your guest bedroom or want to infuse your bedroom with renewed coziness, here’s the decor that will help you create a hyggelig cocoon.

8 Hygge Bedroom Ideas for Creating a Relaxing Space

#1. Indulge Yourself

Cozy hygge bedroom.


Creating a hygge bedroom depends on your personal taste – there is nothing prescriptive about this lifestyle that relates more to atmosphere than specific accessories.

Bedrooms are the most private of rooms, unlike a living or dining room, which offers the public face of your home, so these sanctuaries should reflect the people who live there.

When decorating your bedroom, include beloved items, even well-worn ones. A quilt washed to buttery softness after years of use, a silver-framed photograph of your grandparents, or a gorgeous plaid throw you bought on holiday express your personality and your history in a unique way.

Personal trinkets, heirlooms, and well-read books add character to your bedroom, making it an appealing space to spend time. Set aside your tech and relax into tranquility.

I always include fresh flowers in my guest bedroom, along with the latest magazines and a favorite novel. A hygge approach means doing the same for yourself, so I now add a bunch of flowers for the vase on my dresser and am delighted every time.

#2. Go Low on Lighting

Cozy bedroom with throws and low lighting.

Light is vital to a hygge bedroom. During the day, you want natural, mellow sunlight, but in the evening, you want to create a more intimate mood.

Avoid harsh, glaring overhead lights by layering light sources. For example, combine strategically placed pendant lights with bedside lamps that can be angled for reading. Add a dimmer switch to your ambient light source for increased drama.

Soft, indirect lighting can help improve your sleep quality, so opt for lamps, fairy lights, and even candles (blown out before sleep) where possible. Gentle, romantic lighting levels up your bedroom’s coziness factor exponentially.

#3. Cozy Drapes

Bedroom with white and beige drapes.

Getting the interior lighting right is only halfway to hygge coziness. While you can get away with sheer curtains in a hygge kitchen filled with sunshine, you can’t skimp on bedroom drapes.

Your sleep quality will improve enormously if your drapes block out streetlights, noise from passing vehicles, chilly drafts, and other possible disturbances.

Also, consider the impact of drapes if you have large windows. Choose a lush fabric in a muted shade to avoid a flashy pattern overwhelming the tranquil balance.

#4. Layers of Texture

Scandi bedroom with layered bedding.

Hygge decor is based on texture rather than color. Once you’ve got your plush drapes, add to the layers of texture by dressing your bed.

A hygge bedroom should tempt you to curl up and hibernate, so buy the best sheets you can afford. Splurging on sheets will make going to bed extra appealing and encourage you to make the bed every morning.

Low-effort ways to increase coziness are layering up a feather-light duvet, nubbly knitted blankets, cloudy pillows, and dreamy cashmere or mohair throws. Creating a snug and sensuous hideaway is hygge in action.

Other ways to add texture to a bedroom include a comfortable chair to sink into and read or daydream. Pick a richly upholstered sofa or buttery leather armchair with quilted throw cushions, faux-fur draperies, or the uber-hygge sheepskin.

#5. Dress the Floor

Stylish bedroom with layered rugs.

Stepping out of bed onto a chilly tiled floor is not very hyggelig. Instead, your toes should sink into plush softness, warming your feet before you pull on your (sheepskin) slippers.

While wall-to-wall carpeting is typical in bedrooms, Scandi designers tend to layer their wooden floors with several rugs. Multiple rugs create warmth underfoot and dampen sounds – you don’t want echoing footsteps in a bedroom.

Begin with a substantial area rug that covers most of the floor and anchors the room in gentle coziness. Strategically layer smaller rugs or sheepskins beside the bed.

Rugs in lighter colors bounce light around the room and form a neutral backdrop for any color palette.

#6. Choose Calming Colors

The hygge approach to decor isn’t prescriptive in terms of light or dark colors, but it definitely excludes garish accent colors and bold graphic prints.

White is the most popular paint color for bedrooms. However, stark white is too sterile and icy to be cozy. Instead, look for a rich, yellowish cream or delicate ivory as an anchor for a neutral color scheme.

Warm whites and creamy shades tone work well with trending earthy hues: sage or mint green, misty gray, or terracotta pink.

#7. Bed it Down

Scandinavian style bed.

The most crucial item of furniture in a bedroom is, of course, the bed. If you’re in the market for a new bed, choose one that infuses the room with hygge charm. Begin with a stately frame that dominates and establishes the bedroom’s purpose.

Scandi decor is built around gorgeous natural wooden furniture, so you can’t go wrong with an oak, birch, or walnut bed. Warm wooden tones add texture and comfort to your bedroom.

Another option is to fulfill your teen princess fantasy and get a four-poster bed. With a full canopy and curtains, a dramatic four-poster encloses a private refuge from the world. Even without the drapes, a four-poster is always elegant, making a sophisticated impression.

Bohemian style bedroom with four post bed.

If a four-poster is too romantic for your taste, indulge in a padded headboard lovingly covered in plush velvet or leather.

For the ultimate in Scandi boho, choose a playful hanging bed or hammock, great for afternoon naps. Hygge decor doesn’t take itself too seriously – it’s all about pleasure and comfort.

#8. Warm Up with Wood

Norwegian style bedroom.

If buying a new bed is outside your decor plans, consider adding warmth to your bedroom by including touches of wood.

Wooden cladding, limed oak paneling, and wooden floor or wall tiles mimic a snow-bound chalet or Norwegian cabin. Get the same effect without the expense by hanging wood-patterned wallpaper.

Quicker and easier fixes are purchasing inspirational wooden items in walnut or oak: a small bench for putting on shoes or a wooden easel for displaying art will add a Scandi vibe.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Hygge Bedroom

For a complete renovation, create your hygge sanctuary by installing wooden floors, painting the walls buttery cream, and furnishing with natural wood.

However, you can infuse a room with a hygge vibe by keeping the lights low, lighting candles, layering up lush blankets and throws, and adding a cozy floor rug.

Add Scandi touches of oak or walnut accessories, a shelf of books and flowers, and a comfortable chair with a table in reach for your hot chocolate and fresh pastries.

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Cozy bedroom and text overlay that reads, "Hygge bedroom ideas".

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