If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to clean your home  from top to bottom bleach is a great option.  Here are some great uses for bleach.

If your grout is highly stained and you are struggling to return it to its original condition, try using bleach.

Restore Stained Grout

If you have stains on your garage or another cement floor you can use  bleach to help remove the stain, leaving your cement looking great.

Remove Stains from Concrete

White fabrics can be nearly impossible to keep clean and bright. But bleach will return them to their right white color. Note that this may wear your white clothes and linens a bit faster.

Brighten Your Whites

If your child’s toys have gotten dirty or your family has been sick, you  can sanitize plastic toys, but drop them into a tub full of diluted bleach water.

Sanitize Toys

There are not a lot of things that can truly destroy mold and mildew.  Bleach is one of the things that can kill mold and mildew and put an end to the problem.

Remove Mold and Mildew

Adding a few drops of bleach to your cut flower vases can help to extend the flower’s life span.

Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Cleaning your cutting boards with bleach is a great way to kill off  germs. Cutting boards particularly wood and plastic ones are a major  cause of the spread of food-borne bacteria.

Sanitize Your Cutting Boards

As you repot your plants you will want to reuse old pots but risk spreading germs and disease between plants. Spray down your pots with a mild solution of bleach water to stop this spread.

Cleaning Plant Pots

Garbage cans build up a large number of bacteria that causes odors. A  great way to deal with this is to wash your trash cans with bleach.

Clean Garbage Cans

If you have old dingy dishware you can brighten it up by soaking them in dishwater with a splash of added bleach.

Brighten Dingy Dishware

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