Things that Make Your House Look Cluttered

Even though your home may be clean, it can still look  cluttered. Having too much clutter in your home can be stressful for some people. It can also lead to more work dusting and cleaning. To simplify your home and your life, reduce clutter with these easy tips.

Paperwork can quickly take over your home if it’s not kept in  check. It’s important to create a system for your family that is easy to  use so you can easily find paperwork when you need it.


We all want to display decorations in our homes. But they can make your home look cluttered if you go over board. If you have too many decorations, it may be time to purge.


Too much furniture can lead to excessive clutter. If each home is filled with furniture, it can be visually distracting. Limit the number of throw pillows and blankets that you keep on your furniture as well.


Children can amass a lot of toys, and this can create clutter all over your home. Before trying to tame the mess, go through your children’s toys and get rid of the ones that they don’t play with anymore.


Dishes are also a source of clutter in the kitchen. Your kitchen will look many times better if there are no dishes sitting out, whether they are clean or dirty.


Kitchen counters are notorious for getting cluttered, and it makes your kitchen look dirty. With so many kitchen gadgets and tools available, it’s easy to overbuy and keep too much.

Kitchen Counters

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