Clutter Blindness: 4 Signs and How to Overcome It!

Clutter blindness is a condition involving someone not being able to see the clutter right in front of them. Clutter blindness can occur when a person is overwhelmed and tired  from the stresses of daily life or an extraordinary temporary pressure.  It could be that the person is unwell and lacks the energy needed to take care of the home and keep it tidy daily.

What is Clutter Blindness?

Clutter blindness is an interesting phenomenon that happens to more  of us than you may think. It means you do not see the clutter  encroaching on your space and your life. The mess has become part of the furniture of your home. There are  signs that you are clutter blind, and thankfully there are ways to  overcome it.

If your home, or even a room or two, is filled with piles of stuff, you  could be clutter blind. Clutter comes in one thing at a time. And when  we do not deal with them immediately, they tend to settle on surfaces.

#1. There are Piles Everywhere

If your spouse has the same complaint repeatedly, and it is about  clutter, it could mean they see a mess you have become blind to. The next time they complain, use the opportunity to ask for specific  examples so that your eyes may be opened to the truth of the situation.

#2. Your Spouse Complains of a Messy or Cluttered Home

Your home should be your haven. Sometimes, even when our conscious minds  do not allow us to see clutter, our subconscious alerts us to imbalances by making us feel uneasy.

#3. Your Home Does Not Feel Peaceful or Welcoming

We know that you are not lazy or do not want to tidy up. It is just  that there is nowhere to put everything. This is a common problem with cluttered homes. If you are clutter blind, you could simply add items to piles in  these situations and give up instead of actively purging or finding a  place to store each item.

#4. You Do Not Know Where Things Go

– Seek help from a professional organizer – Take photos – Tidy and clean up your home regularly

How to Overcome Clutter Blindness

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