My House is So Cluttered I Don't Know Where to Start

This guide on how to declutter your home will be helpful to you if you saying, ""my house is so cluttered I don't know where to start". You got this! We buy the latest kitchen gadget, try it and don’t like it so into the  back of the cupboard it goes never to see daylight again until it seems  like everything is bursting at the seams loaded with clothing, toys and  objects that we no longer use, want or need.

The first thing to do if you are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter is to take a breath and calm down. And remember that you do not have to declutter your entire house at once or in a day.

Take a Breath and Calm Down

Remember why you are doing this! Which is o keep your home tidy and clutter free. Keeping your "why" in mind will help keep you motivated.

Keep Your Why in Mind

You also need to get somewhat organized before you actually dig in. The  best way to get started is by getting large bins or boxes you will use  to collect things you no longer need. These bins should be labelled: – Throw out – Give to Relatives – Sell – Donate – Recycle

Get Your Boxes/Bin Bags Ready

Although there is no one spot that is best when trying to declutter your  home I would suggest that you start from one area/room and work your  way through. Take it one corner at a time and before you know it, your entire house will be decluttered.

Start from One Area/Corner/Room

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