How to Store Linens Without a Linen Closet

Are you wondering, how to store linens without a linen closet? In this story, we’ll explore some simple yet effective ways to store linens when you’re lacking a linen closet.

Not all of us are blessed with a spacious linen closet to store our bedding, towels, and other linen items. But with a little creativity and some simple solutions, you can make it work.

From using decorative baskets to transforming a used piece of furniture, here are some ideas to help you get started organizing your linen storage and other similar items until you need them.

Dresser Drawers

If you have a dresser in your bedroom you can store the sheets for that bed in the drawers. You may want to downsize to just a few sets that can be held in the dresser drawers.

Under the Bed storage

Under the bed is one of the under utilized space in many homes. It is a great storage space for linens when you don’t have a linen closet.

Laundry Room

If you have open shelves in your laundry room, make use of them by storing extra towels and blankets there. Make sure the baskets or boxes are waterproof or moisture-resistant.

Maximize Your Closet Space

Keep the linens on the top shelf of the closet of the appropriate bedroom. You can also place the linens in baskets on the floor of the closet.

Utilize Storage Baskets on Open Shelves

If you have open shelves in your bedroom, hallway or bathroom, make use of them by storing your linens in storage baskets or boxes.

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