How to Brighten a Dark Room - 9 Simple Ways

If you live in an older home, chances are there is at least one room in  your home that is darker than you would like. Wondering if there are simple ways that you can brighten a dark room that don’t take a lot of remodelling effort on your part? If you are looking for some way to brighten up that dark dungeon like room, here are a few tricks that you can try.


Take full advantage of any natural light that can enter the room. This may be easier in some homes than in  others due to the number and size of windows in the home. Use semi-sheer curtains to allow more light to filter in.

You can also help to brighten a dark room by placing a mirror directly across from your window so that the light that enters the room is reflected back into the room


You can also help brighten a dark room by painting your ceiling white with high gloss paint. White paint will reflect light back down into the room. It also gives the room an overall feeling of lightness.


While you don’t have to paint the entire room white, keeping the walls light instead of using those rich dark colors will also brighten up the entire room.



You can also use a simple lighting trick to make that dark room brighter. Or you can replace that overhead light with soft  parameter lighting placed strategically around the room.

If possible limiting the amount of furniture in your room can actually make your room appear lighter and brighter. Not only do  large pieces of furniture tend to make a room look smaller, but they  also tend to block light.



You also want to keep your furniture as light colored as possible or find ways to lighten up that darker furniture.

Keep your end tables, coffee tables and bookcase as light as possible.  White works well to lighten and brighten a room or you go with a more  modern look by choosing acrylic end tables and coffee table which will  make the room look even lighter.



The metallic shine of gold or silver automatically creates a lighter looking room. By choosing gold or silver lamps and accents can help to make a dark room look lighter.

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