How to Declutter Your Room Fast in One Day!

Do you feel like you’ve been decluttering forever? Do you want to see  some significant progress in a short time? How about decluttering an  entire room in just one go? Here are the best tips to help you declutter any room in your house quickly and easily.

As you begin the task of decluttering your home, there are a few  supplies that will come in handy. Large garbage bags will be used for  trash and recyclables, while boxes will hold items you plan to keep, sort, or donate.

Gather Your Supplies

As you’re going through your things, it’s helpful to plan what you want  to do with the items that are not staying in the room. Grab a marker and  label three boxes, Move, Sell, and Donate.

Label Your Boxes

1. When decluttering a room, it is crucial to have a plan. Deciding which  areas you will tackle first will help you stay focused and avoid  distractions. 2. If you have kids, you must also plan for decluttering around their schedules. 3. Finally, decluttering can be a tiring process. It can be helpful to have a meal or snack planned for after you finish.

Make a Plan

Before you start decluttering, identify, and remove the obvious stuff that doesn’t belong.

Start With the Obvious Stuff that Doesn’t Belong

Before you begin decluttering, you must clear a space where you can  work. If the room has a bed or table, start there. Otherwise, look for a  spot in the middle of the room where you can comfortably spread out.

Create a Workspace

Follow your game plan and work your way through the room. Empty everything into your work area and quickly clean the space you are decluttering. Now pick up each item in turn and sort everything into three piles; – Those things that you love and use. – Things you love and use but belong somewhere else – Those that you’re going to toss/donate/sell.

Work Your Way through the Room

After you’ve sorted through everything, – Replace the items you love and use in a way that makes sense to you. – Place the items that belong somewhere else into one of your boxes to be moved. – The rest can go into another one of your boxes to be sold, donated, or given away. Once you’ve decluttered one area, continue on to the next section and  do it over again. Keep going until you’ve finished the complete room.

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