How to Declutter Toys in 5 Easy Steps

Most kids don’t like letting go of their toys even when they no longer need them. This is can actually make decluttering toys a bit difficult. However, decluttering your children’s toys actually can be a good thing. It will make your child’s room and your home neater and less congested. Studies also show that when excess clutter is removed from children’s lives, they actually are happier and can focus better while feeling less stressed.

Spend several days or a week really watching your kids and the toys they play with the most. Make note of those toys, since those are the toys you are most going to want to keep.

1. Start by Really Observing Your Children at Play

After you have sorted out your children’s favorite toys, then you’ll want to gather all the other toys together. Throw away any broken toys, or toys with missing parts as these are the least likely to be played with by any child.

2. Gather All the Other Toys Together

Put vehicles into one pile, building toys into another, art supplies into another category and so on and so forth. In the end you are going to want to keep only a few toys from each category.

3. Sort All the Other Toys into Categories

– Toys that help children to be creative such as art supplies and building blocks. – Those toys that burn off energy such as jump ropes, pogo sticks, bikes etc. – Toys that can be used in several different ways such as balls.

4. Try and Keep Open Ended Toys

Placing toys on shelves or placing small cars or building blocks in clear containers will allow children to see what is in each container without having to dump it.

5. Organize the Toys So They Are Easy to See

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