How to Declutter Your Home Before Christmas - 7 Easy Tips

1. Declutter with the Christmas Holiday in Mind

Chances are that you have a good idea of the kind of gifts to expect from friends and family members. And don’t forget about the new stuff you will be buying during this shopping season.

2. Only Keep What You Use Around the House

If you have not touched or used something for over a year, you probably  will never get to use them. Get rid of these items to make space for the  things you and your family need.

3. Make Piles to Help You Organize

When decluttering, create three piles; - Keep - Donate/Sell - Trash

4. Focus on One Category/Room/Space at a Time

By focusing on one room/space/category at a time, you can do a more thorough job than someone looking to declutter everything at once.

5. Do Not be Afraid to Move with Your Changing Style

As life happens, you will find that something you loved two years ago is no longer attractive. Instead of keeping the old stuff, find out if you can make some money by selling them or donating it to your friends and family members.

6. Get the Items Out of the House

Do not keep the items you have sorted for donation and trash inside the  house. You may be tempted to dig back in to get that particular supply you hope to use one day. Get rid of these items as soon as possible.

7. Engage Your Family Members

Decluttering is a time-consuming process. At this time of the year, you  are also thinking of how to prepare for the Christmas holiday. So get your family involved.

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