How to Declutter after Christmas Holiday - 7 Simple Tips

1. Take Care of those Extra Dishes Immediately

As soon as Christmas dinner is over, several members of our family get together and do all the dishes.

2. Pick up Your Wrapping Paper and Bows

One of the first things to do when clearing up that Christmas Clutter is  to pick up all that discarded wrapping paper and ribbon and those used  bows.

3. Prepare the Gifts You Need to Return or Exchange

Make a pile of those gifts that you need to return or exchange along  with the receipts so you can exchange the gift as soon as possible. Then take them back to the appropriate stores as soon as you are able.

4. Sort Through Your Christmas Decorations as You Take Them Down

As you prepare to take down all of those beautiful Christmas decorations  and put them away for another year you should take the time to sort  through them.

5. Organize and Store Unused Wrapping Paper and Ribbon

Once I have organized and put away the actual Christmas decorations, I  then organize and store the unused and still good wrapping papers, ribbons and bows.

6. Sort Through Your Kids Broken Toys to Make Room for the New Ones

If you have kids then chances are that they will be getting some new  toys for Christmas. Most kids already have a lot of toys,  some of which they no longer play with or are broken and unusable.

7. Make Room for New Clothes

If you are one of those people who tend to have more clothes than you  will ever wear, then you still may need to declutter to make room for those new clothing items.

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