How to Clean Your House Like a Pro: 12 Speed Cleaning Tips

1.Use an All Purpose Cleaner 

These cleaners can be used on most surfaces in your home, which saves  you time from having to grab a different cleaner for different cleaning  tasks.

2. Store Cleaning Supplies Where You Need Them

3. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies in a Small Caddy

This keeps your cabinets organized, and you can quickly grab the caddy to move from room to room while you clean.

4. Work from the Top to the Bottom

Work from the top to the bottom because dust and dirt will fall as you  clean. Clean cobwebs first so you can vacuum dust from furniture and the  floor.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

The less clutter you have in your home, the less you’ll have to clean around. Getting rid of extra furniture and knick knacks will help make dusting and vacuuming go quicker.

6. Use Donation Box

Place a donation box in your garage or somewhere convenient. Add items  to it as you can and take the box to a donation center when it’s full.

7. Use Your Time Wisely

Give the bathroom a quick wipe down and scrub the toilets while the kids  are in the bath. Do the dishes while you’re waiting on the oven to heat  up or while dinner is cooking.

8. Keep Trash  Cans at Hand

Keep trash cans in the living areas in your home to reduce trash in your  home. In addition to your kitchen and bathroom, consider keeping a  small can in the bedrooms or in your living room.

9. Limit Distractions While You Clean

Turn off the TV and put your phone down so you don’t get distracted.

10. You Don’t Have to Clean Every Surface Every Time You Clean

11. Do What Works for You

Some people like to clean room by room. Others like to do all of their tasks at once. For example, they will declutter each room and dust, clean surfaces, and vacuum.

12. Use the Right Cleaning Tools for the Job

You don’t need to have a lot of supplies, but make sure you’re using quality tools.

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