10 Easy Ways To Brighten a Windowless Basement 

Basements can add several feet of living space to your home. However  many homes have windowless basements that are dark and dingy and less  than appealing. However, there are ways to lighten and brighten that a dark basement  even if it has no windows and make it the perfect additional living space.


Painting your walls either white or a light color will help make a basement look lighter and brighter.

Choosing light wood flooring with a high polish shine will also help to make that basement without windows brighter as well.


Layered lighting is going to be very important in making your room bright and cheery.


In order to help make and keep your basement looking bright, you may  want to add touches of bright furniture such as yellows or oranges.



There are many natural plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight and  using some of these plants in your basement can certainly brighten up  your décor.

Mirrors not only make a room look larger, but they also reflect light,  which makes them an ideal accent to any basement room even those without  windows.



Using shiny metal accents such as planters, lamp bases and candleholders  can also help lighten that basement without windows, because like  mirrors metal accents also reflect light.

A picture of a sunny day outdoors, or pictures with bright colors will also help your windowless basement look and feel brighter.



A light colored bookcase filled with books with light and bright colored spines can really brighten up any space..

One of the simplest ways to keep any room looking lighter and brighter is to keep the room free of clutter.


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