Cleaning a Messy House: Step-by-Step Tips

Cleaning a messy house or room can feel overwhelming. In fact, it can  cause you to feel completely paralyzed, with no strength at all to  clean up the mess because you don’t know where to start. The truth is that everyone will have their own idea on how to tackle  the mess and clean it up, but for those who simply don’t know where to  start this step by step guide will help you get the job the done.

If you are not used to cleaning up a really messy house then you are  going to need to set aside a day when you can be free for a few hours to  tackle that house cleaning.

Start by Setting Aside a Day and Time for a Total House Cleaning

Grab a garbage bag and start at one end of your house and work your way  through every room picking up all of those items that need to be thrown  away.

Give Your House the Once Over to Collect All the Trash

Once you have collected all the trash and disposed of it go back through  the house and pick up the piles of laundry and get your first load of  washing started.

Collect All the Laundry and Start Your First Load of Wash

Once the laundry is started, start from one end of your house and clean one room at a time. Leave the kitchen for last so that you can leave cleaning supplies  out on the cabinets and have access to water when needed without messing  up the area you have already cleaned.

Start at One End of the House and Clean Room by Room

When cleaning the bedrooms in your home, start by making the bed.  If sheets need to be changed then do so, otherwise just make the bed since  making the bed makes the entire room look neater almost instantly. Any items that don’t belong in the room, remove and either put away or take to the room the objects belong in.

Clean Up the Bedroom

Straighten up all the stands in your living room removing and putting away any items that belong to other rooms. Vacuum any overstuffed furniture making sure to remove the cushions  and vacuum both sides of the cushions. Dust all of the furniture from  top to bottom.

Clean Up the Living Room

Your dining room can become a catch-all for opened mail, and other  small items, so you need to spend a few minutes picking up and putting objects where they belong. Then go through and dust the room from top to bottom including the table and chair legs.

Clean Up the Dinning Room

Clean off all of your bathroom countertops, putting away items as you  pick them up. Spray down your tub with a spray cleaner and then put  toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet bowl. Now would be a good time to take care of some of that laundry you have been doing as you cleaned your home.

Clean Up the Bathroom

Start cleaning the kitchen by emptying the dishwasher and putting away  the clean dishes.  Then clean off your countertops, putting any used dishes in the dishwashers as you go.

Clean Up the Kitchen

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