8 Popular Bathroom Vanity Colors

Discover the popular bathroom vanity colors that will add beauty and excitement to your space.

A vanity should be a durable, beautifully designed item that meets your family’s needs, matches the other bathroom fittings, and is on trend.

We all have personal preferences, but it’s inspiring to look at the colors people are choosing for their vanities this year.


Gray is currently the most popular color for a new bathroom vanity and will instantly update your space. Use this color as an accent.

Dark Gray

Dark gray bathroom fittings create a timeless and elegant feel. I like a combination of a charcoal or granite vanity with white for a classic, crisp look.

Light Green

Pale greens are an attractive choice for vanity cabinets. You can combine these tones with neutral shades and incorporate textures like wood and rattan to bring nature indoors.

Earthy Green

Earthier moss and olive shades contribute to an organic aesthetic, especially when paired with plants.


Popular for both kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, black is striking and dramatic. It’s appropriate for many design approaches, from industrial chic to stylish Art Deco.

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