7 Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms Without Windows

I love how painting a room can upgrade any room relatively cheaply and easily.

If you have a small, windowless bathroom, you’ll want to choose a paint color that will give the illusion of space, light, and airiness.

Let’s look at the best color for your small bathroom without windows and the latest paint options.


White remains a favorite paint color for bathrooms, as it is bright, clean, and fresh. Experts agree that lighter colors make a space look larger and airier because they reflect light.


Off-whites, cream, and beige are neutrals that work as well as white to open up a small room and amplify the light in a windowless room.


Gray has been the most-chosen bathroom color over the past few years and is only now being edged out by other neutrals.

Light Blue

Blue is a perennial favorite for bathrooms, especially serene, peaceful spaces. Keep to softer, lighter blues so that they reflect light.


Yellow gives the illusion of light and reflects artificial light with warmth. Choose the shade that suits your personality and style.

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