7 Best Curtain Colors for Bedroom Windows

Your bedroom is a place to relax, dream, and be inspired, so you must choose colors to set the mood. It can influence daily mood and sleep patterns, impacting physical and mental health.

Whether you’ve chosen curtains as the basis for a bedroom color scheme or if they’re the last item you need, your decision on color is vital.

Let’s explore how the color of bedroom curtains plays a role in decorating and which are the best curtain colors.


Designers suggest this for bedroom curtains. Light colors such as cream, beige, and taupe create a peaceful mood, making a room look larger and airier.


White is timeless, classic, and always creates a feeling of space. White is the best choice if you want sheer or gauzy curtains to let in as much light as possible.


Wellness experts agree that blue is the most soothing color for bedrooms, positively influencing sleep quality and well-being.


No longer only a feminine color, pink appears in bedrooms in all shades, from blush to petal and salmon to coral.


Purple adds serious style to a sophisticated bedroom design, especially if you choose opulent drapery and lush fabrics with a print.

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