17 Things that Make Your House Look Cheap

Whether you want to sell your house or elevate your living space, cheap is never the look you’re aiming for. Most of us are on a tight budget, so we can’t renovate and buy the most expensive decor.

However, some tacky fixtures and features are easy to replace. Let’s look at which things make your house look cheap.

Find out some of the things that make your house look cheap as we reveal the hidden elements that can instantly downgrade your home’s elegance so you can to avoid them.


The most significant cause of a cheap-looking home is easy to fix: clutter. A cluttered home stops the flow of light and energy and undoes any intentional design work.

Furniture Pitfalls

Another feature that stops a home from looking high-end is sets of matching furniture, as if you’d bought the room from a catalog or flatpack supplier.

Bad Lighting

If your choice of lighting isn’t right for the space, you can end up with harsh overhead lights that make you blink or a dim room you stumble through.

Haphazard Flooring

Even if you aren’t able to put hardwood floors throughout your home, stick to one style of flooring throughout.

Awkward Rug Sizes

A rug can finish a room, drawing together colors and textures to create a harmonious space. However, it must be chosen to scale with the rest of the furniture.

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