15 Best Curtain Colors for Gray Walls

For many interior designers, gray has become the versatile neutral of choice. It’s warmer than stark white, more elegant than cream, and edgier than any other neutral.

The challenge with gray as a wall color is that there are so many shades (no 50-shade jokes, please). So what is the best curtain color for gray walls?

Curtains are often the final step in decorating a room, forming an essential finishing touch. Today, we are taking a look at the best curtain colors for gray walls to help you make an informed choice.

Light Gray

This tone-on-tone layering is understated and elegant, especially with a traditional aesthetic. Because light gray is gentle and dreamy, you can get away with a tonal look.


Darker gray curtains on lighter gray walls create a sophisticated effect, especially if the curtains tone with other decor or furniture.


Patterned curtains with an abstract or geometric design are eye-catching but still tone with your color scheme.


Choosing white curtains to hang against gray walls is an excellent way of opening and brightening a space. The fabric will determine the ambiance you want to create.


Gray with a blue undertone doesn’t mean you only have to choose blue curtains. These grays work magnificently with all shades of yellow, from pale butter to vibrant gold.

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