11 Best Neutral Paint Colors for Living a Room

Neutrals are classic shades, whether in your wardrobe or your home because they are versatile, practical, and timeless.

They’re ideal for living rooms because neutrals fit seamlessly into any design trend and always look fresh and contemporary.

Here are the best neutral paint colors for a living room! Find out what neutral shades are available and which paint colors to choose for your living room.

Pure White

A bright, cool white is perfect for a living room with lots of sunlight. You can experiment with color in your furniture and art, changing the feel of a room quickly and easily.


Choose ivory if your living room doesn’t get enough natural light, as it adds movement and shadows that a sterile white doesn’t.


The difference between cream and ivory is the strength of the yellow undertone. Cream is a richer, warmer color than ivory, with some shades verging on pale, buttery yellow.


Ideally, beige should have a warm undertone, making it an excellent partner for rust, red, and brown color schemes.

Pearl Gray

This is the lightest of grays, creating a neutral wall that plays delightfully with light. It reflects and accentuates natural light, shimmering with iridescent colors.

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