11 Best Curtain Colors for Yellow Walls

Painting a wall yellow is such an optimistic step – you’re embracing the color of sunshine, daffodils, happiness, and inspiration.

While yellow goes in and out of fashion, it’s proven its longevity in interior design – and this year, yellow is in style. Let’s look at what color curtains you can use with yellow walls.

Here are the best curtain colors for yellow walls you can choose from. Unlock a world of vibrant combinations, elegant neutrals, and bold contrasts and elevate your decor.


White and yellow is a classic combination, adding freshness to any interior and balancing the more vivid yellows.

Off White

These off-white shades add more interest than white and harmonize with green or natural wood furniture, wicker, bamboo, and indoor plants.


I love the warmth of a yellow and brown duet, despite its seventy’s vibe. The combination is sophisticated and formal.


Pair pale yellow walls and silvery gray curtains, while pinkish apricot yellow works well with a gentle gray, especially when creating a relaxed tone in a bedroom.


Blue and yellow are complementary colors that offer a vivid contrast. With boldly shaped furniture and crisp designs, blue and yellow are contemporary and cool.

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