11 Best Curtain Colors for Blue Walls

Although most homes have white-painted walls, interior designers often turn to shades of blue because it is livelier than white.

Blue is timeless, working well with coastal, farmhouse, Scandi, and minimalist styles and toning with most other colors. But which curtains do you choose for this classic color?

Discover the best curtain colors for blue walls to help you make an informed decision. Find the perfect hues to create a harmonious and stylish space.


White curtains are soft and gentle against pale blue walls. Choose light, sheer curtains if you don’t need to block sunlight to have a cloudy sky effect.

Off White

If you find white a little stark, choose off-white drapes. Cream and beige are warmer than white, with a slightly yellow to brown undertone that complements blue.


Sky blue can sometimes be regarded as a color for a child’s room. Pair it with taupe curtains to make this clear, tranquil color more grown-up.


Pale blue and gray are timeless, the backbone of coastal and Scandi interiors. Choose a shade of gray slightly darker than the walls to anchor the room.


Think of lilac as a romantic, feminine alternative to gray but more grown-up than pink.

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