10 Best Curtain Colors for Green Walls

Eco-chic, or biophilic design, embraces our connection to nature and aims to bring the healing and nurturing properties of the outdoor world into our homes.

Environmental activism aside, there are many good reasons to paint your home green. The color inspires relaxation and encourages growth and creativity.

Here are the best curtain colors for green walls to help you transform your green-walled space and create a harmonious and stylish home.


White is always a good starting point for drapes, whatever the wall color. It’s a safe choice if green walls are already pushing your design comfort zone.


Cream, ivory, and beige are warmer than white, with a yellow undertone that marries well with all shades of green.


Shades of brown are a natural match for green, infusing an interior with the earthy shades of a garden. Darker, chocolatey shades of brown are back in fashion.


Recent trends have proven that gray is a neutral stalwart, as versatile as white or black. Warm gray tones work best with green.


Using a tone-on-tone concept means hanging green drapes against green walls. Because of the versatility of green, this monochrome combination won’t be monotonous.

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