10 Best Curtain Colors for Beige Walls

Beige is a popular wall color, as much for its serene blandness as for its versatility. Beige is warm, sandy, and earthy, with hints of yellow, brown, and gray.

Even if you’ve got a clear aesthetic or color palette in mind, you’ve got almost free reign, as beige is like a chameleon. It forms the perfect blank slate for your home.

Narrowing down a curtain color can be tricky. Here we reveal the best curtain colors for beige walls to help you make an informed decision.


The fabric will be essential in monochrome schemes, as textural elements are noticeable rather than color. Look at embossed fabrics, satin, velvet, or nubbly wool.


Beige is a version of white, but next to the crisp original, it looks warm and alive. Introduce white curtains if you want to add freshness to a neutral scheme.

Off White

All off-whites add warmth to an interior that white doesn’t and work well with darker beiges.


Layering beige with darker and lighter brown tones creates an inviting, welcoming space. Ground the color palette with glowing wooden furniture.


Beige and greige can be similar enough to mimic monochrome or different enough to add a sophisticated contrast. With its gray undertone, greige is softer and earthier than other neutrals.

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