10 Best Calming Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Studies in color psychology tell us that color impacts mood, with red being an energizing color and blue being a soothing color.

Choosing which color to paint your bedroom is not only an issue of design trends or personal taste, it can influence how well you sleep and how refreshed you are in the morning.

Let’s explore what color to choose for the bedroom to create a tranquil space at home.

Navy Blue

Rich blues are reminiscent of holidays at the coast, and painting a wall of the bedroom with this accent shade can immerse you in nostalgic calm.

Pale Blue

Paler shades of blue have long been popular in the coastal aesthetic and are ideal for bedrooms with a softer feel.


Teal is utterly soothing and refreshing with its association with water, whether seascapes or mountain lakes. Combine it with muted greens and blues for a tranquil bedroom.

Pale Green

A pale green, verdant bedroom welcomes natural light. Rest your eyes against the gentle marsh and moor colors of sage, mint, and pistachio.

Botanical Green

Be inspired by the variegated greens of ferns and tropical plants to add green to your bedroom, even if you don’t have a garden.

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